Roland G. Benoit, Ph.D.


I am a cognitive neuroscientist studying adaptive memory processes with a particular interest in prefrontal cortex functioning (see Research).

In 2016, I have started my research group, the Adaptive Memory lab, at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (see lab @ MPI).

I am currently offering two postdoc positions to work on either (i) medial PFC-hippocampal interactions, (ii) memory suppression, or (iii) affective episodic simulation. Here is the link to the full ad. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Before coming to Germany, I was a research associate working with Prof. Daniel L. Schacter at Harvard University and a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Michael C. Anderson at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, UK. I have conducted my doctoral research with Prof. Paul W. Burgess at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London.